The following are requirements should you wish to receive a tax clearance certificate for the year 2019 from the TRA:

1. The provision estimate form for 2019 needs to be filed and submitted to TRA.

2. The first quarter of year 2019 provision payment needs to be made.

3. The tax clearance application letter is required to be printed on the companys letter head

Below are P. O. Box No. details for the respective TRA Tax Regions:

Ilala - 25216
Kinondoni - 9774
Temeke - 45941

Sample application letter format for reference:
Tax Clearance Certificate for 2019

Kindly fill the above required (signed & stamped) tax clearance application letter (Highlighted area) and attach a copy of the Provisional Tax Estimate for year 2019 and a copy of the payment receipt for the first quarter.

Should you require any assistance for the above, Kindly contact our office.

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